Live and work as if this year was your last

Death. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. It seems to be going around. Just this month, I’ve heard of the loss of Uncle Jack, a lovely kindergarten teacher and a great friend’s father. We’re all in its shadow.

Is my mobile office a pipe dream?

When I started my writing business, part of the dream was being able to work from anywhere. While that is now quite feasible, I still spend most of my work hours plugged into an office. It begs the question: does the reality of the ‘laptop lifestyle’ live up to the dream?

Do working holidays work?

I’ve previously written about a copywriter who’d take extended working holidays where he’d write each day from 5am to 12pm before joining his family for lunch and sightseeing. But can it really be done?

Is work life integration a pipe dream?

I’ve recently become fascinated by the idea of ‘work life integration’. Ok, so I haven’t even mastered ‘work life balance’ yet, but that concept is so last decade!

Three types of holiday: Which are you?

As I write this I’m madly clearing the decks before I go on holiday. As you read this, I’ll be back into work mode and wading through emails. For small business owners, holidays can be hard work. Do these scenarios sound familiar?

How to sustain the holiday feeling

Even as January ends, my street is still dotted with discarded Christmas trees, drooping fairy lights and half-deflated Santas. I know how he feels. With the tan faded and toys broken, how can you sustain that holiday feeling?

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