How to tell if you love what you do

How do you know if you really love your work? There are two points in the week that are sure-fire indicators.

Firstly, there’s Friday night. For many, beer o’clock Friday afternoon is the longed-for highlight of the week. There’s a feeling of elation that business is done and life can begin again.

It’s a night to unwind and put work behind us. A couple of glorious days stretch out ahead: days where we can escape work worries and turn our focus to friends and family.

Then, there’s Sunday night.

Everything has gone beautifully, but as the light starts to fade the gloom can creep in.

Only when the last person’s left the BBQ do thoughts of deadlines and meetings start to infiltrate the weekend. A cloud descends over the couch which no longer feels as comfy as it was. It’s the early on-set of Mondayitis.

Like the last day of a summer holiday, there’s something sad about a Sunday night.

Okay, so Friday night’s always going to hold a special place, but it’s the heights of the high on a Friday night and the depths of the low on a Sunday night that can give us insight into whether or not we love what we do.

When Friday night stops feeling like we’ve just been let out of jail and when Sunday nights lose their gloom, work love is in the air.

But is it realistic for work, life and leisure to blend 100% happily? Or will work always be work and weekends weekends? We’d love to hear your view.

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