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With a new era of energy here for AGL customers, Business Copywriter was engaged to work with Jam Communications to position AGL to help. The result was a range of collateral and web copy. Below is a sample of the work we did.

One thing is certain, the energy industry has been transformed forever. With environmental factors, stricter regulations and a carbon-constrained future, energy costs are on the way up.

With demand also on the rise, we have entered a dynamic new era of energy where sustainable and renewable solutions must lead the way. Is your business prepared for
the new energy reality? Because it has just arrived.

The power to change

An industry leader for over 170 years, AGL provides gas and electricity to 3.5 million Australians every day at home and work. But did you know AGL is also Australia’s largest integrated renewable energy company? And we’re just getting started.

A new era of energy is here

Traditional gas and electricity are part of today’s energy picture, but they’re not the future. At AGL, we’re developing integrated and sustainable solutions that will take us through the next century and beyond.

Whether it’s our Hallet wind farms in South Australia or the Bogong hydroelectric power station in Victoria, we’ve been investing seriously in sustainable energy businesses for years. It’s an exciting time to be in the energy business. We’re looking forward to the challenge and are already tackling it head on.

If you want to prepare your business for tomorrow, AGL Energy can help you today. 

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