Well, it’s past 10am on 11 December so the whip’s out! It’s time to see if the power of accountability has worked for the 39 brave souls who made a commitment to achieve one important task before the end of the year.

The theory is that by simply telling someone you’ll do something and when you will do it dramatically increases the chances of it happening.

If we’ve been true to our word then Simone has a new studio, Leela and Wendy have done seven presentations between them, Kathie’s renovated her office, Colin has his tax up to date, Jill has her new season on sale, Sue’s put her business up for sale and Olwen and Camille will have each written their first e-book. The rest of us have also re-launched a number of websites, blogged, written a bunch of articles, finished a book, done our Christmas shopping and much more… must be time for a holiday!

Now’s the time to be honest, so let us know how you went. I’ve started with an update of my never-ending PC spring cleaning project.

If you didn’t quite get your task completed or you still have one specific thing you want to achieve this year, why not do what Leela suggested in her comment and send your deadline to at least three friends who will make your life hell if you don’t do what you say you will.

Alternatively, you can follow Robert’s advice from a couple of weeks ago and let yourself off the hook by putting your task on the to-do list for next year.

I’d like to thank you for reading this year and for contributing comments full of wonderful wisdom and humour. I’ll see you again in the new year.

Until then, enjoy the slide into the silly season.

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