Direct Marketing Copywriting Samples


Take a swipe at 20 thousand dollars. Simply collect 3 barcodes from any NESTLÉ FUN PACK, ALLEN’S Bag, NESTLÉ Block Chocolate or NESTLÉ Medium Bar to enter.

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HSBC Cricket Promotion

HSBC Cricket Promotion (expanding cricket protector execution): Grow your assets by 4.25% p.a. to WIN 1 of 5 trips to cricket’s World Cup final in South Africa. An Online Savings Account with HSBC does more than just save you time and make you money.  Now, we’re also offering you the chance to WIN 1 of 5

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Geelong to anywhere in Australia – 15c for 15 minutes: Take up this valuable offer before Easter & get your first month’s usage free!  Just because you choose to do business outside a capital city, doesn’t mean you should be hit with nasty long-distance phone bills.

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The SUV great escape: With the days getting longer and the holidays getting closer, now’s the perfect time to get Pajeros, Challengers and Outlanders out the door and onto the open road.  To really heat things up, we’ve created a blistering incentive program for Sales Managers called, “The SUV Great Escape”, as a reward for all

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Are your workmates alien to you? Need a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to get your remote offices sharing information and working as a team?  Connect your staff with your own private IP network from just 9 per site per month.

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Does my brand look big in this? Make your message easy to swallow and give your clients that warm fuzzy feeling.  For around the price of a carton of cascade, Brewtopia can supply its award winning lager, professionally branded to your specifications.

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5 surprising facts about making more money: What if there was a way to get up to 90% more output from your staff, without spending a dollar more on salaries? There is and it’s so simple!  You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before…

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Raleigh International

Don’t just see the world. Change it. Do something amazing! For over 20 years Raleigh International has helped young people grow personally and change the world by running amazing community, environmental and sustainability projects around the world. Join one of our international projects and you will change lives – starting with your own!

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Meet Lenovo as you’ve never known us: We invite you to join us for breakfast as we fill you in on where our company is headed, and learn from you how we can best support your business. It’s your chance to connect with your peers, get to know our top people and get hands-on with the

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