Are you green and growing, or ripe and rotting?

Recently I’ve been dreaming of lying on the grass and staring at the sky. Just for a year or two. “Catch up with you later world!” I’d quip on Instagram (if I had an account). But I don’t dare, for the youth are breathing down my neck!

‘How can I make mine look bigger?’

It seems that insecurities about size and shape abound among business owners. And the little question of size is one that pops up regularly. But does it matter?

The power of patience

In a world that glorifies rapid growth, romanticises rags-to-riches stories and lauds overnight sensations, you’d think that business success hinges on dreaming up the next big idea. Does it really?

Is there a secret to passive income?

There is a whole industry built around selling the idea that you can escape your job, earn a six figure income and retire in a few years – all working part-time from anywhere. Count me in!

Cut to the chase

When you run your own business, you’ll inevitably be presented with great-sounding opportunities by prospective partners. But beware, most of what glitters is not gold.

Seven things I’ve learnt from big business

It’s easy to criticise large institutions for their bureaucratic processes and customer service shortcomings. But, by examining what they do well, there’s a wealth of ideas for small businesses. Here are seven…

Could you sell your business?

You’ve worked hard, built up a good customer base and established a profitable niche for your business, but is it actually worth anything? Would anyone buy your business?

How great companies turn crisis into opportunity

In a recent interview in Fortune magazine, management guru Jim Collins, author of business classics Built to Last and Good to Great, discussed what a business needs to thrive through uncertainty.

The bikini concept

My last article looked at selling to existing customers with the phrase “I’ve got an idea for you.” But what about using a similarly proactive approach with new prospects?

I’ve got an idea for you

In a Flying Solo poll 43% of respondents said they would like to increase their flow of new business. Whenever this topic comes up, thinking tends to focus on “How and where can I find new customers?” But there is another way.

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