Is it time to crack the WIP?

A mate of mine kicked off this year by escaping the office to develop new plans, products and growth strategies for his business. What happened was unexpected.

The cheat’s guide to exceeding expectations

“Under promise, over deliver!” is considered brilliant advice for business owners. But many people only focus on the hard work of over delivering, when it can be easier, and frankly more effective, to get better at under promising.

The easy email clients love you for

There’s a simple email you can send to your clients or customers that they are guaranteed to love. If you want your customers to perceive you as switched on, reliable and trustworthy, read on.

Whipping time: The accountability exercise

Well, it’s past 10am on 11 December so the whip’s out! It’s time to see if the power of accountability has worked for the 39 brave souls who made a commitment to achieve one important task before the end of the year.

Is your word your bond?

‘Gumps’, the oldest member of my family, is a 91 year old country stockman. Back in the day, he did big deals on nothing more than a handshake. But it seems promises are getting increasingly casual. Is your word your bond?

The accountability exercise

Forget “New Year’s resolutions”. What about “This Year’s resolutions”? I’d like to suggest a short and simple exercise which will use the proven power of accountability to help you achieve something extremely important this year.

Part 2: Tell someone who cares

In my last article I wrote about the power of accountability and the importance of setting deadlines for getting things done.

Tell someone who cares

Why is the builder’s house half built? Why does the mechanic’s car need a service? Or in my case, why hasn’t the copywriter’s website been refreshed for… well, a long time.

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